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We're a team of Nutritionists, Personal trainers and Foodies bringing you the ultimate Box Experience. 

ENGAGE your teams in the office,early childhood education facilities, at school at your local park or venue of choice  with out corporate information sessions or keep them engages with a gift of  Snacking Goodness . 


We bring Health and Wellness seminars and box experiences to MOTIVATE  you and your teams, family and friends.  


Using the most finest of taste buds and vigorous research, the team of nutritionists, PT’s and foodies at Nutritionist in a box are continually working on satisfying your taste buds. GUILT FREE and BALANCE


We explore the trends, habits and flavours of today from Australia and around the globe to bring you Goodies, High in protein, rich in nutrients and most importantly affordability and convenience.


Giving you the opportuity to EXPLORE flavours,  get on the fore-front of the latest health and wellness knowledge, tips and tricks. 

 We offer: 

  • Healthy Nutritious snack and functional box experience.


  • Corporate box experience health and wellness sessions

  •  Nutritional Guidelines information sessions  for Educators,Parents and colleagues.

  • Sensory Experiences

  • Monthly subscription to surprise  your taste buds - A new box every month, with Sweet and savoury treats to maximise Muscle gain, drop those kilos, cure that three-thirty-itis Low and increase energy levels and productivity or just a SNEAKY treat.

An experience for everyone. The Perfect gift or an emergency stash.


Patrick, our Director is a Nutritionist and  Head snackologist. 

He's always got snacks on his mind, and alway near. Whether he's on the Road, or in the office. He's always SNACK READY. 

Established in 2017, NUTRITIONIST IN A BOX began to bring you healthy snack box experiences to your door, Put a smile on someones face without feeling guilty or bring the office to life with all the good things. Both sweet and savoury.

Meeting people, tasting products and experiencing whats good for you and what's good in moderation, Nutritionist in a Box was Born.

Patrick believes in  balanced lifestyle and  maintaining his health and wellness and that what he wants for you. This is showcased in the box experiences, whether it's the snack box, sensory sessions.  or corporate health and wellness seminars. 

Running Groups



Mum of 3

" Every Box is explosive with flavour and i've learnt that you can have healthy snacks that taste good"

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